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Adaptive styles + 5 core wounds + Sexuality!
Traveling news, 5 core wounds, sexuality and more!

I have been planning to write this email for a long time! I am excited to share some amazing news! And it is just the beginning! I hope you like it!

A lot has happened since last time I wrote: 

I went back to Thailand to work at New Life Foundation and run some great workshops on a variety of topics from developmental trauma to sexuality.
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I visited awesome-crazy India where I lectured about stress relief and attended life-changing retreats.
Golden Temple in Amritsar, India
I hiked in Nepal and delivered a T.R.E workshop there.
Varanasi, India. The city of impermanence and death.
In India I attended two Buddhist based silent retreats in Dharamsala. I learned more about death, compassion and freedom. It was a very special opportunity to deeply reconnect with my values and the real purpose of my life.

"When we reflect that the time of our death is inevitable and unpredictable, we live every moment fully!"
Then I went to Bali, Indonesia, and did some great work with John Harvey and Javiera Correa. 
5 core wounds, healing developmental trauma and adaptive styles
Online therapy

I have been working with therapy for the past 8 years and my goal was always to honour my clients' time, money and trust; I'm restless about this. My pursue is to make therapy a powerful and transformative experience. The purpose is not only to have a happier life, but to live up to everything you are; to unlock your full potential. That is where I'm at right now with my work.
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Money back guarantee
if you are not satisfied with the online session, you get a full refund! 
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I have just launched my new website! Come and visit!
That's it for now!

On my website I'll continually publish more free materials (articles, videos, quizzes) and online programs. 
Please contact me for more information or just to say hello, I will love to hear from you!

Brazilian hugs!
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