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Trauma Release Introduction

workshop nepalLast T.R.E workshop - Nepal 2015

T.R.E - Trauma Releasing Exercises is a powerful and simple technique developed by Dr. David Berceli to help people who suffer from traumatic and stressfull experiences. 
Objective: Understand how T.R.E works and learn how to use for your own benefit.

Embodied Sexuality

Body psychology and Core Energetics has a lot to say and teach when it comes to sexuality, pleasure and deep intimacy. Sexuality happens in the body, but it is so easy to get lost in fantasies and imagination. Only a deeply embodied sexual experience can take you into the joy of who you are.

Objective: Start developing a more fulfilling and meaningful sexual experience and wisdom.

Powerful communication

Communication is the most essential tool to live with others. It can create hell or haven; they say that anything can be communicated, it is all about how you do it. Our current communication is full of violence (judgements, prejudices, demands, alienation, etc). 

Objective: Learn an effective way to communicate and create meaningful connections with yourself and others; and get your message across.

Changing Patterns

There are those behaviors that we keep repeating; and those unhealthy choices that always lead us to pain and suffering. We know they are not good, but we keep going down that path. WHY? Patterns usually have deep roots in our psyche and only through honest and deep enquiry we can defuse them.

Objective: Change deep unhealthy patterns.

The masks we use

It's no novelty to anyone that we are constantly using masks in our social interactions. We are usually aware of some of them, but most of the masks are used in a total unconcious way creating pain and suffering in our lives. Identifying out masks and how they work is the first step to let them go.

Objective: Meet our maks, their purpose and the possibilities of change.

Stories the body tells

Our body carries our story. In this workshop we explore the profound and powerful knowledge from body psychotherapy that teaches us to learn about ourselves through our bodies. Our body tells about how we deal with life, our basic beliefs, our strengths and weaknesses. It's an amazing workshop for self-discovering.

Objective: Learn the stories your body tells about you and how you can transform them.

Authentic Power

The only real power is the one that has a solid foundation in the depths of our being; the rest is distortion and defense. This workshop invites you to develop a deep and authentic sense of power.

Objective: Learn in a practical way how to develop your authentic power.


The dream of being perfect! We are all haunted by the scary ghost of perfectionism promising us we can be happy as long as we are perfect. 

 Objective: See your idealized self-image and break it down to find the freedom and joy of being who you really are.

Being a man

Men's souls have being tortured and crushed by patriarchy. What does it mean to be a man? How to deal with the different demands and expectations? How to develop beautiful and meaningful relationships with other men and women? 

Objective: Men supporting each other in finding their own expression in the world.


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