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Beyond working in his office, Fernando offers lectures, workshops, trainings and retreats.

You can find some bellow, or click the button to see the currently scheduled events all around the world.

“To offer yourself completely, without restrictions and honouring your limitations.”

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The one body psychotherapy exercise that could change your life

  "It all starts with grounding" It all starts with grounding. A few years ago just after finishing my presentation on grounding and career counseling in a conference a woman came to me and said: “Thank you so much! I was always told to ground myself, but for the...

Common behaviors and attitudes that are just protection strategies

"Is that who you really are?" There could be dozens of those strategies, behaviors and attitudes that you think are your personality (ego syntonic), but that are just a protective strategy you developed at some point to avoid pain and suffering but that actually...

Are you ready to love radically!

"The world needs love. Are you ready to give it?" Beirut, Paris, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Syria, Iran... A lot of suffering, we know. I was deeply touched when I checked my phone in the morning and saw all the increased pain and suffering going on right now in the...
“A humanly sacred path”