Neurogenic Freedom & Flow

The essence of shaking and surrendering to flow
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What to expect

The greatest goal is to embody a new and radical freedom of being and expressing yourself in the world.  Not from a place of self-will and obstination, but through surrendering to the flow of life.

thumb_01_60_60Freedom to shake

Let the shaking happen when and where you want them to, without preparations or warm-ups.

thumb_01_60_60Freedom to move and dance

Let your body move freely when lying, sitting or standing. A true involuntary, neurogenic, dance.

thumb_01_60_60Freedom to express

Reconect with all the possibilities of expression. Understand their true nature and allow more movement in your consciousness.

thumb_01_60_60Expand your perception

What is shaking and what isn’t. Go beyond mental limitation and beliefs about the shaking.

thumb_01_60_60Dive into the subtle

Experience the subtle neurogenic movements and feel them moving in your body.

thumb_01_60_60Let your body guide you to the Sacred.

Find the path to pleasure, flow and expansion through neurogenic movements.

thumb_01_60_60Practice the receiver self

You probably have heard about the observer self, right? The receiver self is different. It is a complete new way to engage with reality.

thumb_01_60_60Experience the neurogenic ressonance

A revolutionary way to connect with other people and with the neurogenic wisdom at the same time.

Extra benefits for therapists

As a therapist, you will develop and improve your capacity to stay present, hold space and trust your client’s inner wisdom

When and where?




To whom

People who have already expe- rienced tremors / neurogenic movements are through TRE, Inner Dance, Core Energetics, Bioenergetics, etc …

This work may not be recommended for people with severe emotional or psychic disturbances or who are in crisis. If you have any questions, please contact Fernando.

What to bring and other practical information.

Bring your glass or water bottle. We have a filter here, but we do not have disposable cups.

> Annotation material.

> There will be long periods when you will lie down, we have mattresses and cushions, but bring whatever you feel comfortable (blanket, blanket, sock).

> We will not wear shoes in the workshop area.

You can go to a restaurant or bring your lunch and warm it up in the house.

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Cancelation and refund policy

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