Are you ready to love radically?

Beirut, Paris, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Syria, Iran... A lot of suffering, we know.

I was deeply touched when I checked my phone in the morning and saw all the increased pain and suffering going on right now in the world. Then I saw posts saying that the world needs more love, which I totally agree with. But, are you ready to bring more love into the world?

I felt compassion for those who lost their loved ones, their houses, their sense of belonging, their safety; and for the dead animals in the Brazilian ecological disaster. I could see that my friends also felt the same and that love and compassion is very much needed. However, I want to know if you really want to change this world. Do you?

I want to know if you are ready to make the radical move to really bring happiness to this planet.

I want to know if you are really willing to express the powerful and transforming love that avoids no one, rejects nobody and embraces all.

Can you love the people who performed the attacks in Paris, Iran, Syria and else? Can you love the guy who shot so many people? Can you love the person who was responsible for the death of some many beings and ecosystems in Brazil?

That is the love this world desperately needs. Love that is not subject to my likes and dislikes, that doesn’t create separation and divides the world in good and bad people and that has no preference.

I’m sure that there is much more suffering and pain in any of those who killed others then in any of us right now. And I’m sure that they are also trying to find a way out of the sufferings of this world, just like you.

I’m sure that the people responsible for the Brazilian disaster are also trying to have a happy life. They are not terrorists, corrupts or evil people; they are people who suffer and who are lost in their own ignorance, just like you.

What good it does in your life to hold negative feelings and thoughts about others no matter what they’ve done? By holding that negativity are you creating more love or hate in this world?

Are you ready to love radically?

Are you ready to love yourself so deeply and completely that you can extend the love to those you call 'bad people'?

Are you ready to change this world?


Fernando Aguiar