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The 5 core wounds and the adaptive styles.
Fernando is interviewed by the Australian Life Coach, John Harvey.
Adaptive style quiz
Join our free online course, take the quiz and discover your adaptive styles.
The 4 stages of sexual awakening

Podcast – Fernando is interviewed by Javierra Correa from

Radical love. Are you ready?

The world needs love, we know this. Are you ready to love radically?

Common behaviors and attitudes that are just protective strategies

The path to change involves turning ego syntonic unhealthy behaviors into ego dystonic ones. In other words: removing and dis-identifying with all the rubbish that it is not who you really are.

Grounding exercise. It could change your life.

Learn a simple and effective way to practice and improve your grounding.

Body reading – Undercharged and Overcharged areas.

Body reading is about seeing how the mind shapes the body. It is not another video about body language; it is about understanding how your body is a direct expression of your unconscious mind, how that affects your life and what you can do to help yourself. Here I talk about two complementary concepts: UNDERCHARGE and OVERCHARGE.